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Books 17-18 / 100

17. Timon of Athens - William Shakespeare
            A play about Timon, a really rich and generous dude who runs out of money and finds out who is real friends are...just about no one.  He then decides to hate everyone and live in the woods.
          I enjoyed reading this play, more so than recent Shakespeare plays I've been reading, I think because of the language.  Everyone was always insulting each other, either subtly or aggressively, and I bet this would be a funny play to watch.

18. The Secret History - Donna Tartt
            A novel about a group of Greek scholars at a New England university who get involved in a murder, or two, and then it's all sorts of suspenseful and people being paranoid and drinking like fish.
          For the first 100 or 200 pages, I kept thinking, "Haven't I read this before?  What was it called?  A Separate PeaceKilling Mr. Griffin?"  This book is like a combination of any book you've ever read about college kids and New England campuses and murder.   But then, this didn't hurt my enjoyment of the book at all.  I got totally absorbed, read it in a couple of days, ignored the growing mountain of work I have to do, just so I could find out what was going to happen.  Really, I recommend it.  It's very geeky and elitist and kind of creepy and very suspenseful and with amazing descriptions now I feel vaguely haunted by the characters, the way you do after investing so much time in a book.
Tags: classic, drama, fiction, shakespeare, suspense

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