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Book #8 - Lady MacBeth

Book #8: Lady MacBeth - Susan Fraser King (2009, 356 pages)

Pretty much everyone has an idea of what MacBeth's life was like, but Susan Fraser King begs to differ in her recent historical fiction novel.

Lady MacBeth follows Lady Gruadh from her childhood, into her first marriage with MacBeth's cousin and then through her marriage to MacBeth after he kills her husband in a violent raid. Her life is filled with tragedy and wrought with danger.

At times the book is familiar to readers of Shakespeare, but it does not follow what is traditionally known about MacBeth or his wife. In fact, readers are given a more sympathetic view of their lives and what shaped their actions. I love things that present me with an alternate viewpoint, and this book is a delightful example. It is incredibly well-written and the action and pacing are perfect. I highly recommend it, give it four and a half out of five damned spots.

Total Books Read: 8 / 50 (16 percent)
Total Pages Read: 2,721 / 15,000 (18 percent)

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