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Books 26 - 30

26. All Together Dead, by Charlaine Harris
Genre: Supernatural, Mystery
Rating: 4/5

I had complained before about her not putting in clues for her mystery aspects, and I think that was settled pretty well in this one. I loved the interactions between both Sookie and Eric and Sookie and Quinn, and the deviousness of the queen added an extra element to the plot. I think this is one of my favorite books in the series, and I really wonder how Sookie is going to manage in the next book based on where she stands at the end of this book.

27. From Dead To Worse, by Charlaine Harris
Genre: Supernatural, Mystery
Rating: 3/5

This one was very piecemeal... there seemed to have been a whole lot of things just randomly thrown together because no cohesive plot thread could be thought up. Still, some things are explained and doors are opened for future books.

28. Dead and Gone, by Charlaine Harris
Genre: Supernatural, Mystery
Rating: 3.5/5

Much better as a whole than book 8, but the ending seemed horribly rushed. Don't get me wrong, the plot was a good one, and at least this had a nice mystery to go along with it, but I feel like a lot more could have been said to make the ending more grand and... neat. I'm glad that book 10 isn't out, because I need a break from this series, however much I've enjoyed reading it (able to read two books in as many days because they keep me so interested).

29. Mr. Cavendish, I Presume, by Julia Quinn
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
Rating: 2/5

I've fallen in love with Julia Quinn for reasons I can't explain. I had read The Lost Duke of Wyndham a while ago, and this was the accompanying book in the series. As a stand-alone book, I imagine it's relatively good, though not much in the romance department, but since I had read the other a while ago, I felt I knew the whole story and that this wasn't focused enough on Thomas, but rather on Grace and John. I think if Quinn had taken the time to expand the plot and drag it on well after the end of the other book, it would've made a good novel. But it just doesn't work here.

30. Irresistible Forces, by Brenda Jackson
Genre: Romance
Rating: 0.5/5

The premise of this romance was that Taylor wanted a baby, and decided that Dominic was the best for the father. They go away to an island to conceive and are supposed to part ways afterward, but both find themselves drawn to the other too much. Honestly, there was next to no plot in this one. It was certainly worth what I paid for it, which would be nothing.
Tags: historical fiction, mystery, romance, supernatural

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