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4 more books

6.The Great Book for Girls OUP 1929, hb, my copy (131 pages, 1,198 pgs)
Authors include E.E.Cowper, Olivia Fowell, Brenda Girvin. Winifred Darch, Marjorie Royce & Bessie Marchant so I'm keeping this one for now even though there's only 2 school stories of the 11 tales/articles. Two are folk tale-y, one article on how to make a wild flower garden, (ideally you need a moderately large piece of ground in an old orchard with a loosely built stone wall on one side and a hedge on the other, and it would be ideal to have a small stream included!) and there are a couple of wild adventure stories set in far-off lands – in one Scottish orphans of 20 & 17 go to the Nevada desert to look for gold. A mostly fun read. (3/6)

7.Anthony, Piers Blue Adept pb, fantasy, my copy, reread (377 pages, 1,575pgs)
Second in the Apprentice Adept series.
Stile continues to compete in the Tourney on Proton. I really enjoy the various competitions, including the Maze, the harmonica duel and the Dance with Red. On Phaze he attends the Unolympics and his relationship with the Lady Blue grows. He continues to evade murderous attacks in both dimensions. We learn who is out to kill him and find out they have been manipulated, setting up for the conclusion in the next book. (5/6)

8.Cochrane, Louise Sheila Goes Gardening hb, 1957 career novel, my copy, reread (130 pages, 1,705pgs)
Back in 1957, it was recommended that girls work in some sort of gardening job for a year before going to the horticultural college where they do a 2 year diploma and then get a job or study for a further 6 years to get a National Diploma in Horticulture. This is mostly the story of Sheila's year in her job in a private garden and the first term of her 2 year course. Sheila actually works really hard in this tale, so it's good from that perspective. Naturally she ends up engaged by the end and they're going to run a comercial garden at the place Sheila did her year's work. I'm not a keen gardener so I don't think this would have paricularly inspired me to take up gardening. It covers a drought, taking produce to covent garden, a heath fire, joining the Young Farmers' Club and what happens when you use the wrong type of compost! While it is dated, it's fun to compare careers for girls then and now. (3.5/6)

9.Berry, Jane The Guides of the Chalet School pb, school story, borrowed from the Vic Chalet Library (235 pages, 1,940pgs)
This is a newly written 'filler' for Elinor Brent-Dyer's Chalet School series. It is set in the second year of the school and covers the founding of the Guide Company. I was a Guide, which I think makes it more enjoyable. Highlights include Joey's first meeting with Jack, some insight into Rolf as a young boy before he was killed, snails on the windows, the death of the mother of one of the pupils which moved me to tears, country dance classes for the folk festival put on by the girls, and madge's insightful speech likening friendship to fire. It felt like a Chalet book written by EBD herself, and I guess there's no higher praise than that. Some of the fillers I've read have been absolute stinkers. (5.5/6)

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