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A few more graphic novels

Still reading Geoff Johns' take on The Flash as well as the Brave and the Bold. I have found a couple of new (to me, anyway) authors that I like, one being William Diehl.

1. Primal Fear, William Diehl. Seeing the movie beforehand spoiled the book for me, but it's still a taut thriller.
2. Show of Evil, William Diehl. Sequel to Primal Fear. There's a third book called Reign in Hell that I want to read.
3. Skeleton Justice, by Dr. Michael Baden and Linda Kenney Baden. Offbeat thriller featuring a pathologist hero and his partner, a litigator, who solve mysteries. Dr. Baden's been featured on the HBO series "Autopsy." What made this book interesting is the killer's reveal; there's a lot of 20th century history here primarily involving Argentina and its infamous "Dirty War" of the 1970s.
4. Teen Titans: Lockdown, by Judd Winick. Jericho has invaded the Titans' headquarters and attempts to possess his former teammates. This volume collects Titans #7-11.
5. The Brave and the Bold #1: The Lords of Luck by Mard Waid, George Perez. Funny teamups abound in this comic (Supergirl/Lobo FTW!) that features Batman, Blue Beetle, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Green Lantern and Adam Strange. Loved it.
6. The Flash: Wonderland, by Geoff Johns. Wally West is now on a parallel Earth similar to the real Earth but with one major difference: the Speed Force doesn't exist. In order to return home, Flash must seek help from the Rogues Gallery (notably Mirror Master and Captain Cold).
7. Batman RIP, by Grant Morrison. Anytime the Joker shows up, blood will be spilled. That's a given in the Batman comics, and this is no exception. Batman, Robin and Nightwing face off against The Club of Villains, an alliance that raises murder to an art form and may include Alfred Pennyworth.
8. Wonder Woman: Misson's End, by Greg Rucka. Set pre-Infinite Crisis, Wonder Woman has just battled Superman and now faces the wrath of the world for killing Maxwell Lord; she agrees to surrender herself, but then faces the Omacs as they try to destroy her Paradise Island home.
9. JSA: Thy Kingdom Come, Part 1: Geoff Johns, et al. Sequel to the "Kingdom Come" miniseries.
10. Wonder Woman: Beauty and the Beasts, by George Perez. Late 1980s comics which feature Wonder Woman battling Circe, Darkseid, and attempting to date Superman.
11. The Flash: The Human Race, by Grant Morrison. Excellent story that sees Flash racing his childhood (invisible) friend, Kraakl, in order to save the Earth from malevolent aliens.
12. The Brave and the Bold: Without Sin, by Marv Wolfman. Two stories here: Supergirl and Raven try to overcome their pasts in order to save another man's life in "Fathers" and Green Lantern, the Phantom Stranger, and Green Arrow in "Without Sin", another great story that features the Purge, an entity who wants to eradicate all life in the universe.
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