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# 14 Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton

Captain Sir Richard Burton

Edward Rice

Richard Burton was a well-known Victortian explorer. His great facility for languages, ability to adapt to other cultures, keen powers of observation, penchant for details, strong curiosity, and intelligence made him a gifted explorer. It was Burton who first translated 1001 Arabian Nights and The Kama Sutra to the West.

However, his inability to fit into the Victorian lifestyle, penchant for foreign, exotic women, prejudices, and inclination to follow non-Christuian Eastern religious sects often created many difficulties for him.

Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton was a really interesting biography. Edward Rice did an excellent, balanced job of covering his subject, thoroughly discussing both Burton's strengths and weaknesses.

I feel as if I got to understand, in more than a superficial way, what motivated Burton and why.

I know that Victorian explorers are not a very popular subject these days, but these people had such a huge part in shaping the modern world, that I think they are well worth reading about.


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