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Books 9-10: The Keys to the Kingdom Books 4-5 by Garth Nix

Here are books nine and ten from my Book List 2010. The links lead to more detailed reviews in my journal.

9. Title: The Keys to the Kingdom Book Four: Sir Thursday
Author: Garth Nix © 2006
Pages: 344
Thoughts: Link
Review in five words or less: Fascinating new plot twist.
Personal Rating: «««¾ out of five.

"On the fourth day, there was war."

The situation in the House is rapidly becoming more dire and deadly with each new nemesis seeking to manipulate Arthur for their personal gain. In this installment, Arthur finds himself drafted into the Glorious Army by Sir Thursday and must move to Thursday's domain (the Great Maze) for combat training. Meanwhile, a new enemy from Nothing has made itself known and is about to start a war with Thursday and anyone standing in the way.

Though I liked this book a lot, it seemed to be a little flatter in comparison to the first three. I usually find combat books engrossing, but I was a bit disappointed with the descriptions of Arthur's training and all the action just didn't seem to be that dire to me. I felt no sense of urgency. It was as if the pacing of the story was slightly off. Also, the Great Maze was described in the previous books and I was really looking forward to finding out how it all worked. I enjoyed the domain adventures a lot, and Thursday proved to be as treacherous as some of the other House trustees.

Definitely recommended to those who like the series.

10. Title: The Keys to the Kingdom Book Five: Lady Friday
Author: Garth Nix © 2007
Pages: 304
Thoughts: Link
Review in five words or less: Darker and more intense.
Personal Rating: «««½ out of five.

"On the fifth day, there was fear."

The crafty Lady Friday knows that Arthur and some of the other Denizens of the House are looking for her and the power that she wields. She schemes to have all of them play her vicious little game and while they are occupied, Friday puts forth a bigger and more destructive plan in motion. Meanwhile, back in Arthur's realm, people are mysteriously disappearing.

I've read six books in this seven book series and this is the one that I like the least so far. Though I found the clothing and instruments extremely creative, I didn't like exploring Friday's domain (the Middle House) which was austere and cold, nor did I like Friday herself. I found her to be one-dimensional and hardly the type to inspire fear. Also, a secondary character takes a lead role in Arthur's realm in this story and I found her to be extremely obnoxious and irritating. Despite all of this, I still recommend this book because I like the series as a whole.

10 / 50 books. 20% done!

3352 / 15,000 pages. 22% done!
Tags: fantasy, kidlit, young adult

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