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Books 3 and 4

So I know I am a little behind, by now I had expected myself to have read atleast 10. 

Book 3: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

This is the first in the Twilight saga, I enjoyed this more the second time I have read it. The story isn't the mosy original but I did really enjoy it, I didn't mind the poor writing style it was the story I was interested in. I stilll don't like Bella very much, she seems to depend on other characters way to much. I said this before about Dead Until Dark, but I'll say it again I want to see the story from others points of view. I want to know the emotions Edward was going through the first time he met her, I want to know what all the others felt about their relationship. Instead you get itfrom Bella, who by all streches of the imagination is self centred and doesn't really think about the others feelings or even her own for that matter. All she wants to do is stayed glued to Edward.

Book 4: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I was REALLY REALLY dissapointed with this book. I bought it because of all the amazing reviews, how everyone always recommended the book but I was left feeling hard done by. I don't see people obbsessions about the book. It's good I'll give it that, but the story isn't original, the characters never really develop, I knew the main love angle when Katniss was telling the story off the first time she met Peeta. I did keep reading to know what happened but then I feel that the ending was, how can I put it, just bulldosed like it jst jerked to a complete stop.

The story I did enjoy the story, but I kept comparing it to Battle Royale, which I know I shouldn't but the latter was far better. I have ordered the next book in the series just because I really like Katniss or Catnip as  Gale calls her. I'd like to see the way that her relationship with both Gale and Peeta and see if we meet the Avox again, I have a feeling she is going to play a big part in the story but I don't know how she would.

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