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Hi all. This is my first post to this community. I found out about this place through
bookish. I don't usually think about how many books I read (except sometimes when I keep lists during uni breaks) so I thought it would be fun to try it this year. I've chosen the generic 50 book target as a starting place. Depending on how I go this year, I might up it next year. However, I am a fairly prolific reader, so to make it a bit more challenging for myself I'm only counting NEW books (i.e. books I've never read before) towards my total, and that's all I'll talk about here. For my lists of Manga/Graphic Novels (which I've also decided not to count) and Rereads, see my journal.

OK, that's enough of the boring introductory stuff. Here is my list of the first 10 books I've read. Discussions of/reviews for some of the books are under the cuts.

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  2. The Princess Diaries 9 by Meg Cabot
  3. Emma by Jane Austen
  4. Spring-Heeled Jack by Philip Pullman
  5. The Princess Diaries 10 by Meg Cabot
  6. Lyra’s Oxford by Philip Pullman
  7. Music for Chameleons by Truman Capote
  8. Lord Sunday by Garth Nix
  9. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
  10.  Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

I've never read any Jane Austen before so I thought it was about time I did. I choose Pride & Prejudice because a) everyone talks about it a lot and b) I think Bride & Prejudice is really funny (bit of a sad reason I know!). I choose Emma because a) from what I've heard about it I thought I would like Emma (the character) and b) I really love Clueless (there is a slight pattern here!).

Pride & Prejudice took me about that half the book to warm up to. I found both Elizabeth and Mr Darcy to be quite annoying, and even though they got less annoying in the second half of the book, some of the things they said/did (including Mr Darcy's proposal & letter and Elizabeth's reasons for forgiving him and deciding she loved him). However, overall I did like the book and I will read it again (although I think I like Bride and Prejudice better!!).

Emma I did not like much. I didn't warm to any of the characters really, especially Emma who I found to be very annoying. Mr Knightley was a little bit better and actually bearable, but I don't think I liked anyone else apart from maybe the quiet girl whose name I can't remeber (Jane, maybe?).

I began reading the Princess Diaries in high school but never finished them, so at the end of last year I read them all up to number 8. In number 7 and 8 I had some problems with Michael, cos I'd also thought of him as the perfect boy and perfect boyfriend so to realise he was actually not perfect, and in fact human like all other boys was quite a shock. Of course, I still didn't like the end of book 8 and wasn't sure what to expect in book 9.

As it turned out, I thought book 9 was quite good. I liked that it dealt with teenage depression, and I thought for the most part the way it was dealt with in the book was quite good and could be beneficial for the readers in helping to identify signs, causes and 'treatment' for depression. That said, I do think Mia's recovery in the end was a bit qucik and not as, well, deep as it could have been. But I'm glad I finished the series finally! (And I now really want to read Ranson My Heart...! Does anyone know if it has been released in Australia yet?)

I don't know what I can say about Scott Westerfeld that hasn't already been said before. Before this year, the only book I'd read of his was Peeps, which I didn't really like very much, so although I had heard very good things about Uglies, I was being cautious in case I was disappointed. I wasn't. I think it's a wonderful book series, with very well developed characters and an interesting society. I also like the slang Westerfld invented and I now sometimes think of things in my life as being either bubbly or bogus. In fact, I liked the books so much that cos the library couldn't deliver Pretties to me fast enough I just went out and bought it so I could read it sooner. I've since also bought Specials. I definitely recommend Uglies to everyone!!

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