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Books 11-13

Book #11: Tell Me Your Dreams - Sidney Sheldon (1998, 372 pages)

A series of brutal murders in two countries appear to have one thing in common: three beautiful women.

First is Ashley, who is convinced that someone is after her, someone who wants her dead. Her coworker and a sheriff's deputy are both found castrated after being in her presence. Next is Toni, a sexy British woman who believes that men are only interested in sex. Her Mr. Too-Good-to-be-True is soon found castrated after spending several days in her company. Finally, Alette is a shy, soft-spoken but talented Italian artist whose love is also found castrated after a date.

Complicating matters is the fact that the three women are all the same person. Ashley suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and is on trial for her life, where her lawyer must convince the jury that MPD is a real disorder.

I had read this book when I was in high school, but I had forgotten what it was about. As soon as I started reading, I remembered why I owned this book and simply devoured it. It's not the greatest  book that's even been written, but Sheldon's books contain real situations set in highly dramatic situations that I cannot help but love, which is why I give this a three and a half out of five personalities.

Book #12: The Undomestic Goddess -  Sophie Kinsella (2005, 416 pages)

Samantha Sweeting has the perfect life. She is a high-powered lawyer for the largest firm in London, making more money than she can spend and is about to be named partner in the company. But things go wrong when she realizes that a tiny error has just cost her company 50 million pounds.

The shock of the situation leaves Samantha reeling so badly that she leaves the city and her life behind. She unwittingly takes a job as domestic help for a wealthy, but extremely dimwitted, couple, even though Samantha doesn't know anything about cooking or cleaning. The bonus of working for the couple is their sexy gardener Nathaniel, who is as interested in Samantha as she is in him. When her old life comes calling, Samantha must choose between her former hectic, but well-paid, life and her peaceful new life.

Samantha's growth throughout the book is remarkable and told in a pretty realistic way, especially in how she learns to cook and clean, thanks to the help of Nathaniel's mother. I don't read chick lit as much as I used to, but this book definitely is one of the best I've read. I enjoy Kinsella's books, and this one is my favorite to date, which is why I give this book a great four out of five dinner parties.

Book #13: The Chick and the Dead - Casey Daniels (2007, 323 pages)

Pepper Martin is back in the second book of Casey Daniels' series. After successfully solving the murder of long-dead gangster Gus Scarpetti, Pepper finds herself being hounded by a 1950s sock hopper named Didi Bowman. Didi begs Pepper to prove that she, not her sister Merilee, was the author of one of the world's most beloved books, So Far the Dawn.

The case seems impossible at first, especially as Didi isn't the most truthful of spirits. When Pepper is offered a chance to work as Merilee's secretary, it's a job she can't refuse...even though the former secretary was murdered. Pepper works hard to solve both the 50-year old murder and the most recent murder but finds herself a target as well. Can she solve the case before the killer finds her?

I love the Pepper Martin series. Each mystery is unique and very well told. I've not read the books in order, but the great thing about this series, is that you're not too lost if you read it out of order. Daniels has a great writing style and works hard to keep her books fresh with enough suspense and tension to keep readers turning the pages. I can't help but give this book a strong four out of five ghostly encounters.

Total Books Read: 13 / 50 (26 percent)
Total Pages Read: 4,336 / 15,000 (29 percent)

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