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Books 1 - 10.

1. Raymond - Student's Vegetarian Cookbook
Really good, especially if you like Mexican food. XD

2. Vonnegut - Cat's Cradle
I have two of this book; the one I read I bought because of a pic of a copy in Oz. *LOL* But yeah, it's a good book too.

3. McEachern (ed.) - A Holy Life: The Writings Of St Bernadette Of Lourdes
Notebook entries, and letters, worth the read.

4. Yarrow - 1001 Ways You Can Save The Planet
More useful if you have a family, your own house, a garden, a pet and/or a car; I still got many good hints out of it even though I had none of those.

5. Visser - The Rituals Of Dinner (borrowed)
This is one is excellent and very much recommended, plenty of good stuff from both past and near-present, from different countries, and such.

6. Ellis - The Rules Of Attraction
A good read if you don't expect a start-middle-end sort of book (you can expect the 'just-middle' kind). Has many elements and people found in later book. Different strength of a book, but a good 'prequel' XD

7. St Augustine - The Confessions (Finnish translation)
After the bio part comes his yapping about other things; amusing to read that he thought Moses wrote all the Books of Moses (he didn't write any of them - oral tradition ahoy - and so on), but his thoughts on the creation story was interesting.

8. Thomas Kempis - The Imitation Of Christ (Finnish translation)
One that I will read again. Took me three tries to start, just needed to get over myself I guess to find the right angle for reading. :P :)

9. Lee Child - The Enemy (borrowed)
A good quick-ish read, solid. I wish there was (or is there already?) a crossover with him and Jack Bauer meeting *LOL* My first book with this guy, good to start with the prequel. I think I'll read more from this series later.

10. Meade - Eleanor Of Aquitaine
There are a few other biographies of her, but I think I got a good one with this. I also got a good view of the two Crusades, a bunch of kings, and relationship-world of that time. Worth it.
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