Maribou (maribou) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Dying Bruja

El león, la bruja, y el ropero, by C. S. Lewis (reread in a different language)
I figured it'd be easy to read one of my favorite books in the whole world in Spanish, but actually it was rather challenging. I will say that having the story so close to memorized really helped when I got stuck on a word though:). It was odd rereading this in a different language, because I noticed entirely different things. Also found myself flashing back to various scenes in the first two Narnia movies - they got a lot wrong, but some of the imagery they used was perfect.

Dying for Heaven, by Ariel Glucklich
I was going to write a scathing review of this, ripping the frequently-weak logic and false claims to being "scientific" to shreds. But then I really really liked the last chapter, about the theatricality of martyrdom, and I lost heart for expressing just how frustrated the previous chapters made me. I do enjoy reading books that make me think about why I don't like them, but I would rather this whole book had been as good as that last chapter.

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