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Books 14 and 15

Book #14: Such a Pretty Fat: One narcissist's quest to discover if her life makes her ass look big or why pie is not the answer - Jen Lancaster (2008, 379 pages)

I didn't think she had it in her.

Not only has Jen Lancaster put together another hilariously funny book, but she also managed to inspire me to follow in her footsteps.

In Such a Pretty Fat, Lancaster brings readers the tale of how she decided that it was time to start getting in shape to stave off the negative health effects that could have come about as a result of her weight. Lancaster's story is unique, because her self-esteem tells her she doesn't have a problem. But like many of us foodies, she doesn't think food should be seen as the enemy.  She chronicles her attempts at Atkins, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, and realizes that she does have it in her to work out on a regular basis.

I found it really easy to relate to Lancaster's story, which is told with her usual biting humor. You cannot help but giggle during her journey. She also did a tremendous job of inspiring me to take better care of myself, which is why I cannot help but give her a very strong five out of five evil personal trainers.

Book #15: Getting Stoned with Savages: A trip through the islands of Fiji and Vanuatu - J. Maarten Troost (2006, 325 pages)

J. Maarten Troost is back and is again spending time in the South Pacific.

After two years in the Micronesian atoll of Tarawa and then time back in the United States, Troost and his wife Sylvia decide it's time to go back abroad. This time, they're headed for Vanuatu and Fiji.

Troost's time spent on these islands are nowhere near was grueling as when he was in Tarawa, but he and his wife do have quite a few adventures. The duo face their first cyclone, earthquakes and centipedes. He comes to love the drink kava, which gives him a very unique high. And finally, he and Sylvia become parents.

I really enjoy Troost's books, as they present a unique view of places that not everyone gets to experience first-hand. He may sell the place, or he may convince you that you're better off, but not matter what, he entertains. He is very down to earth and has a wonderful sense of humor, which makes his books such a joy to read. I really enjoyed this particular tale and can't wait to see what adventures await him in Lost on Planet China, his next book. And of course, I have to give him a strong four out of four shells of kava.

Total Books Read: 15 / 50 (30 percent)
Total Pages Read: 5,040 / 15,000 (34 percent)

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