your (sometimes) friendly neighborhood kymellin (kymellin) wrote in 50bookchallenge,
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Book 10 of 2010

10. Dan Simmons, Drood, 775 pages, Horror, Hardback, 2009.

This fictional account of the final years of Charles Dickens’ life, as told by his contemporary Wilkie Collins, focuses on Dickens’ supposed meeting with the sinister character Drood and Dickens’ (and Collins’) obsession with the man. I really liked Drood despite the fact that it is a huge and heavy book. Dan Simmons does a wonderful job of writing in a style similar to Charles Dickens and pretty true to the Victorian aesthetic. And I was shocked to later find out how much of the basic outline is true peoples and events, just moments taken, expanded, twisted, to this utter fantastical tale of the mysterious and sinister Drood, combined with opium dreams and mesmerism just to confuse the whole thing. Nothing like the unreliable narrator to make the story even more bizarre.
Tags: horror

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