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18 and 19

Some more quick reads, because I am trying to get to grips with children's literature. I have been pleasantly surprised by how good the literature is.
Book 18 was Feed by M.T. Anderson and it described a dystopia in which people are 'fed' in a way that is very similar to the internet; wherever you go the brain is fed information, advertising and so on. The protagonist is rather shallow but has a deep girlfriend; she has problems with the feed whilst he is unable and unwilling to think. I was going to write 'think about the feed' but he and his friends have been fed so much pap that they are unable to think about issues. There were elements of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World in it, making a very good book. I'd love to teach it.
Book 19 was New Zealand themed; Maurice Gee's The Fat Man, in which a boy, his family and his town deal with a criminal who manipulates others in his search for revenge for childhood bullying. Some good themes, and again one that is well worth teaching.
I am now up to 4802 pages, and with 19 books I am at 252 pages each, well below previous years.

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