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Bloodsucking Fiends

Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore 
Pages: 304


Jody never asked to become a vampire. But when she wakes up under an alley dumpster with a badly burned arm, an aching back, superhuman strength, and a distinctly Nosferatuan thirst, she realizes the decision has been made for her.

Making the transition from the nine-to-five grind to an eternity of nocturnal prowlings is going to take some doing, however, and that's where C. Thomas Flood fits in. A would-be Kerouac from Incontinence, Indiana, Tommy (to his friends) is biding his time night-clerking and frozen-turkey bowling in a San Francisco Safeway. But all that changes when a beautiful undead redhead walks through the door...and proceeds to rock Tommy's life — and afterlife — in ways he never thought possible.

I love Christoper Moore. His humor cracks me up. I mean, who else can get away with a Penthouse Letters intro in a chapter and keep it believable? This is actually the first in what is – as of last week – a trilogy. I read the second one first and then came back to this one when I realized there were more.

Moore’s interpretation of the spiritual realm on Earth and afterlife constantly amaze me. He takes mythical and religious concepts and infuses them with humor and emotion. That’s a pretty amazing feat. Tommy and Jody’s journey through a fledgling relationship as each deals with the other’s insecurities lends an air of credibility to what would sometimes seem like incredulous events.

I can’t wait to read the third one, “Bite Me.” I just downloaded it from Audible and will start it as soon as I finish “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman.

Books completed: 5/50

Pages completed: 1,752/15,000

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