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Title: The Dashwood Sister's Secrets of Love
Author: Rosie Rushton
Year of Publication: 2005
Genre: YA, romance,
Pages: 325
First Line: "It wasn't long ago that photographs of the Dashwood sisters' ancestors -- yellow with age, the occasional school picture of Ellie, Abby, and Georgie tucked into the edge of the frame -- hung along the long, winding staircase at Holly House, the Dashwood family's home for generations."
Summary: The Dashwood sisters -- Ellie, Abby, and Georgie -- have always lived an affluent life in their beloved Holly House in Sussex. Then one day, tragedy strikes, and the girls are forced to uproot their lives and move to Norfolk, a windswept county on the east coast of England. The sisters are devastated, but what starts off as the toughest challenge they've ever had to face quickly becomes a turning point in each of their lives.

Practical Ellie has always had her head firmly on her shoulders, until she loses it over a boy named Blake. He's perfect, except for two not-so-tiny problems: he's her horrible stepmother's nephew, and he just happens to have a girlfriend.

For impulsive Abby, moving to such a sleepy village is tantamount to social suicide. To amuse herself, she decides to play matchmaker for a new friend at school, but her scheme backfires when the guy falls for her instead.

Even youngest sister Georgie finds herself in uncharted waters when suddenly boys are more interested in her for more than her love of extreme sports.

Source: Back of book

Review: Awe-some! I had debated on getting this book for AGES. Finally, my mom happened to pick it up and then I debated on actually reading it. The other day, I was bored with what I was reading so I decided to take a break and try this -- I am so glad I did. It's got a different style, the characters are fun (though maybe a little too undeveloped), and the plot is pretty decent. I'm not sure what, exactly, made it so enjoyable, but I really liked this one. I hated the font it was printed it, but what are you gonna do? Definitely recommended, especially if you like a "more mature" chick-lit. It's not super philosophical or anything, but it's less silly than a lot of chick-lit.

Worst part: I had issues with how some characters were undeveloped. It was as if Rushton avoided giving certain characters too many traits so she didn't mix them up or have traits that were in another person, as well.

Best part: I was surprised with how the life-changing event occurred. Honestly, I didn't see it coming. I probably should have, though.

Grade: B+

Other Books by This Author: Friends, Enemies; Poppy, Olivia; Melissa; Sophie; Just Don't Make a Scene, Mum!; How Could You Do This to Me, Mum?; I Think I'll Just Curl Up and Die and Where Do We Go From Here?

22 / 50 books. 44% done!
Tags: chicklit, european, fiction, love, romance, young adult

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