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Book #20 -- Jacqueline Levering Sullivan, Annie's War, 186 pages.

It's 1946 and the War is over, but for Annie, the troubles are just beginning. Staying with her grandmother for the summer, Annie's world is almost immediately thrown into chaos, as her grandmother takes in a new tenant - a young black woman named Gloria Jean Washington. Annie loves Gloria Jean and the way she quickly becomes like a part of the family, but Annie's 19-year-old uncle, fresh from the war, isn't so pleased. Faced with overt racism for the first time - not just from the town but within her own family - Annie must learn how to stand up for herself, her principles, and her friendship with Gloria Jean. Meanwhile she's worried about her father, who was reported missing in action last year, and her mother, who seems to have given up hope. This is a beautiful and well-written story of a young girl growing up in difficult times.

Progress toward goals: 94/365 = 25.8%

Books: 20/100 = 20.0%

Pages: 5173/30000 = 17.3%

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