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HI! Books 1-6...I know I'm a bit far behind this year

1.  LIFE IN THE FAT LANE---The story of a beauty queen who develops a bizarre biological disorder that makes her gain weight no matter what she does and the effects it had on her social life.  I recommend this book to anyone, but especially to those who've struggled with their weight.  I've suffered both anorexia and bullemia, and also been on a medication that made me gain 150 pounds with no end in sight, and while recovering from that weight gain (I came off the medication and the weight started melting off, literally almost all of it gone in a year), this book helped me remember that beauty is on the inside.

2.  TWENTY BOY SUMMER---I wish I could remember more about this book.  I read it in two sittings and remember enjoying it in that guilty pleasure kind of way that one enjoys teen novels when they're twenty-eight and expected to be reading something more intellectually stimulating on their train rides from CT to NYC and back.  It was perfect for my trip though, and I enjoyed it.  I do remember that it's about grieving and how it effects everyone differently, and how when you love someone completely, you'll keep their secrets no matter how much it hurts.

3.   THE MAN YOU'LL MARRY---Are you familiar with Debbie Macomber?  If so, the ending should be no surprise....but the book was a nice, quick, three hour read, and I was happy I bought it at Walmart so that I saved a bunch of money on it and was able to pass it on quickly at BookMooch.com.

4.  WUTHERING HIGH---Ohmigoodness, what did I get myself into?  Yes, it's a series, yes I love teen fiction series...but a series about a boarding school in the middle of nowhere for deliquents where they're taught by...wait, that'll give away the ending.  Yeah, if I were 15 again I probably would have loved this book.  But Cara Lockwood is much stronger at her adult fiction as far as I'm concerned.

5.  THE SCARLETT LETTERMAN---The second in the Bard School series.  It took me longer to read, and I never got to the third one, MOBY CLIQUE because only one library in CT carries it and I couldn't bring myself to waste the gas money to drive there and pick it up.  Some day, when she comes out with a fourth one I'm sure I'll be so inspired.

6.  HOW TO RUIN YOUR BOYFRIEND'S REPUTATION---I fell in love with Simone Elkeles in November 2009, when I happened to pick up PERFECT CHEMISTRY at a local library.  Within a week, I had read her first four books and was craving a this one.  So one might ask why it took me this long to read it?  I had the local Barnes and Noble order it in December when no on in the area was carrying it...but it's the final book in the Amy Nelson series (and at the time the last book Simone Elkeles had written), and I just wasn't prepared to see how it ended.  So I finally finished reading it a month ago...in time for Simone Elkeles completely unrelated RULES OF ATTRACTION (the follow up to PERFECT CHEMISTRY) to come out this month.

So, I've been a member of the group for a few years now, but lately I've been really far behind in my reading.

I'm looking for NONFICTION suggestions.  Anyone have any?  I'm reading SWEATER QUEST at the moment and love it.  I've got a stack of 8 nonfiction waiting for me at the library to pick up tomorrow because I'm just in that kind of mode.  A year of reading mainly teen fiction has fried my brain I think.

I'm looking for nonfiction that tells a story, not self-help type nonfiction.  Biographies are okay, as long as they're more modern biographies.  Some of my interests include: knitting (Debbie Macomber books are always a hit, though most of those have been fiction), photography, writing, sex (Chelsea Handler, Tucker Max), games (Stephan Fatis's WORD FREAK, Ben Muriz's BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSES)...stuff like that.
For further clues into what I'm looking for, these are the books I've got on hold to pick up at the library when it opens in a few hours: Adrienne Martinie's HILLBILLY GOTHIC, Michael Lewis's THE BLIND SIDE, Rob Sheffield's LOVE IS A MIX TAPE, Elizabeth Gilbert's COMMITTED, Tori Spelling's MOMMYWOOD, and James Frey's MY FRIEND LEONARD.

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