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3 more books

16.Anthony, Piers Juxtaposition pb sci fi, my copy, reread (409 pages, 4,410pgs)
Third in the Split Infinity trilogy, or at least it was when I bought it; now seventh in the Apprentice Adept series. I was going to stop my reread here as the first three are the books I like best, but I've decided to see the rest out at one a month. All is finally revealed. On Proton, Stile wins the Tourney and citizenship, but his troubles are not over. On Phaze, his honeymoon with Lady Blue is interrupted as the other Adepts rise against him. It seems nobody wants to change the old order. If only the depletions of our own planet could be solved so easily! (5/6)

17.Brent-Dyer, Elinor Kennelmaid Nan hb 1954 career novel, borrowed from a friend, reread (186 pages, 4,596pgs)
Nan wanted to be a vet, but exam nerves prevented her from getting into the course. She ends up at Assisi Dog Kennels as a kennelmaid, where she learns to care for the cocker spaniels, including handling and showing them. There's quite a lot of 'how to care for your cocker spaniel' (and dog in general) information dispersed throughout. As well, there is the mysterious behaviour of Averil, the other kennelmaid, and trouble for the kennels in which Nan is implicated. Nan makes friends with Fleda, and together they uncover a fiendish plot. I have to say I was most surprised at Averil's ultimate fate – not what I would have expected from EBD at all.
I actually googled 'kennelmaid'; they're now known as dog au pairs. There are certainly quite a few jobs available in this field, often with the only experience/qualification needed being dog grooming. The job descriptions seem to match Nan's duties pretty closely, so this is one 'careers' book that hasn't really dated. (4/6)

18. Edwards-Jones, Imogen & Anonymous Air Babylon pb non-fiction, my copy (400 pages, 4,996pgs)
Written as the comings and goings in 24 hours of fictitious company Air Babylon, the stories are all supposedly real. I obviously catch the most boring flights because I've seen none of this, well except for overhearing the conversation between three flight attendents that involved the types of cheese one served at parties and how eating large quantities of said cheese was fattening. Some of the incidents with smuggling snakes/food etc are pretty ordinary thanks to reality TV customs shows. Also internet check-ins where you choose your own seat has put paid to checkin staff sitting obnoxious customers next to each other. There were some lol moments where I did snigger out aloud, and I hadn't considered what happened to those poor unfortunates who actullay died on board. This is a light-hearted holiday type read. (4/6)

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