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Books 38 and 39 / 100

38. Collapse:  How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed - Jared Diamond
           About the destruction of the environment leading to the destruction of societies.  The first section details several societies which "mysteriously" disappeared, such as the Maya, the Easter Islanders, and the Greenland Norse, which Diamond states were caused by the environmental destruction and unsustainable practices.  The next section is devoted to discussing current societies that are destroying their environments.  There is also some discussion of different industries that are destructive and what people can do as consumers to help save the environment.
          I didn't know what this was about before I started reading, but it was good.  Some people I know complained about "Environmental Determinism," but I never felt that Diamond was trying to make a claim about environment being the number one deciding factor for all societies, ever.  And he directly states on several occasions that he isn't a proponent of Environmental Determinism.         
         Useful reading, although, I don't know anything about the topic, so I can't critique.
39. Iphigenia at Aulis - Euripides
                 A play about Iphigenia before she is sacrificed.  Takes place before the Trojan war.
Tags: classic, drama, non-fiction

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