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Purple Library Pleasure

Library Camps and Unconferences, by Steve Lawson
On a pragmatic level, if you want to make some kind of library-related unstructured but useful conglomeration of interested people happen, you should find this book very useful - clear and concise but with meaty details and good "go look over here" stuff. Since the author is a friend of mine, I was reading it for entirely different reasons, which were equally well-satisfied.

Pure Pleasure, by John Carey
A delightful book for the books-about-books crowd - very short pieces on what purports to be the 50 most enjoyable books of the 20th century (it's actually a little more complicated than that). My joy in these sorts of essays is always dependent on the author's style above all else, and in this case, I enjoyed myself very much indeed. And there are a few books that have moved from my "one of these days" list to being things I'm going to seek out and read very very soon. He got a few books I have read very, very wrong, IMO, but that didn't make the book less fun.

Purple and Black, by K. J. Parker
This book is 113 pages long. Short pages with lots of blank space. And it didn't transcend entertaining pointlessness until page EIGHTY-THREE. So if you have less patience than I do, I guess you shouldn't bother. But I thought the last 30 pages were extraordinarly good, and that long build-up was necessary to the story. So I was completely happy with the book. (Also, it probably helps that KJ Parker is my favorite writer of this sort of book, so even when it was just ok, I wasn't precisely unhappy - just waiting for the other shoe to drop.)

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