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March and April Reads

25.  Mulberry Park by Judy Duarte This is a great story of how seemingly different people come together at the local park.  Clare comes to the park everyday for her evening run, especially after losing her son in a hit and run accident three years ago and after her husband had divorced her.  When a little girl who had recently lost her parents starts writing letters to God and leaving them in the tree Clare finds one of them and answers it for her.  She becomes closer to the other visitors to the park even becoming friends with them allowing herself to open up to other relationships.
26.  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
27.  Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery  In the sixth book in the Anne of Green Gables series we see Anne as a young mother of five living children with one on the way.  We see more of the adventures of her and Gilbert's children rather than Anne's adventures since the series was geared towards younger readers.  She is starting to doubt Gilbert's love for her when her and Gilbert are invited to dinner with an old flame of Gilbert's.  The only thing was that her and Gilbert had sheltered her other children when she was expecting her seventh child that one of her children was scared that she was dying since they were not told of the new arrival.  Diana Blythe learns some hard truths about people.
28.  The Inheritance by Simon Tolkien This is a good crime suspense novel that is set inside the course of a trial and the events surrounding the trial of the murder of a famous professor by one of his own sons.  The police Inspector,Trave sets out to find out who was the real killer of Professor Cade.  The suspects have different reasons for wanting to kill the professor though the identity of the person who really killed him was a surprise.  You find out the relationship that the different suspects had with the murder victim and how the British court system worked in the late fifties.  The executions were carried out quickly, so the case was not wrapped up in appeals today like they are in today's American court system.
29. The Dog of the World by S.E. Karsnick
30. Snow in August by Pete Hamill  In 1940s Brooklyn Michael Devlin an eleven year old Irish Catholic boy and Judah Hirsch a Jewish Rabbi meet by chance where Michael learns about the Jewish faith.  Rabbi Hirsch teaches Michael about the Jewish faith, Kabbaluah and the traditions from his native Prague while Michael teaches him about American culture and baseball.  He also places references to Jackie Robinson in the story since he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers at that time and Michael is a huge Brooklyn Dodgers fan.  Unfortunately Michael has a run in with the local gang who is Anti Semitic so they distrust his relationship with the Rabbi.  Michael realizes that there is hate in both America and in Germany whose father had died in Belgium fighting the Germans. 
31.  Land of a Hundred Wonders by Lesley Kagen  This book is told from the point of view of a young woman who had suffered brain damage as a result of an auto accident that had killed her parents. She captures the main character's point of view with her limited understanding of the world beautifully.  She finds the dead body of Buster Malloy who is planning on running for governor of Kentucky.  She plans on investigating the murder for her small paper that she publishes on her own in order to prove to everyone that she is Quite Right instead of Not Quite Right.  In the course of her investigation she uncovers family secrets.
32.  A Gift of Grace by Amy Clipston 
33.  The Ghost Road by Pat Barker  In this third book in her Regeneration trilogy the end of World War I is near.  Billy Prior is sent back to the front in France while Rivers is suffering from the flu.  While suffering from the flu Rivers remembers his work in the South Pacific with a tribe that has a culture of death.  She does go back and forth from the two different points in time effectively and between the two different point of views.
34.  Take Three by Karen Kingsbury In this third book in her Above the Line series she brings forth a story that will pull at your heartstrings as she continues her story of Chase and Keith as they work towards their goal of making Christian themed movies.  Chase steps down from producing films in order to be at home with his family which is sweet that he is putting his family's needs above fame.  Keith's daughter Andi discovers that she is pregnant from a guy that had used her and she is trying to decide if she is going to keep her baby or have an abortion. 
35.  In Spite of Myself by Christopher Plummer  This is a memoir of Christopher's career in both stage and film touching on his personal life with his friends and wives.  His experiences on the set of the Sound of Music are only covered in one chapter though he does have a varied and long acting career.
36.  My Years with Corrie by Ellen de Kroon Stamps  This is a good memior from the woman who had traveled with Corrie ten Boom for almost ten years until her marriage in 1976.  She discusses her work and ministry working alongside Corrie who was an old woman at this time.  She talks about her personal struggles such as trusting God to meet her own needs and her struggles as a single woman who didin't marry until she was 37 years old which is older than most women married even today.  This book is an inspiration in that she is honest about her struggles in trusting God since many women have the same struggles even today.
37.  Joni by Joni Eareckson  This is a memoir by a young woman who has gone through significant trials in her life and how it made her faith in God stronger.  She talks about how she had accepted her own circumstances in life and even accepting the fact that she might be single for the rest of her life though she did marry after the book was published.
38.  She Always Wore Red by Angela Hunt  This second book in the Fairlawn series shows Jennifer Graham taking classes for her morturary license and the struggles that she faces in returning to school at her age.  She makes a new friend in newcomer McLane Larson who she discovers has bonds deeper than friendship.  Her friendship with McLane forces her to face some truths about her beliefs.  Her oldest son Clay makes some new friends at school and has to deal with peer pressure from the cool guys at school.  Overall this is a good light read that deals with some serious issues but also has some humor in it as well.
39.  Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok  This book tells of one young girls' journey to America and adapting to American culture.  Both her and her mother work in her aunt's factory being paid by the piece even though it is still illegal.  Her aunt has placed her and her mother in horrible living conditions with their first apartment in New York City.  She puts herself through school by winning scholarships and grants.  This is a good book about how a girl overcomes adversity.
40.  Departures by Robin Jones Gunn and Wendy Nentwig This book is composed of three novellas placed into one book starring the teenagers from the author's young adult series.  The three girls are going on vacation and each learn a valuable lesson while on vacation.  In Robin Jones Gunn's two novellas both Sierra Jensen and Christy Miller make an appearance in each other's novella from the two different series starring them though you do need to look carefully in order to find it.
41.  The Royal Handmaid by Gilbert Morris
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