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Book 1- 2010

it's been ages since i posted here, mostly because i got more caught up in a number than really enjoying books, so i stopped reading for a while.
i'm posting again because i still love books, but i'm not gonna go for a landspeed record (haha) first post of 2010 is a book my younger sister bought me for xmas.

Christopher Moore's - Lamb : the gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal

what can i say other than...
1. this book actually had me laugh out loud..many, many times (rare for me to do that with a book)

2. i actually ended up gettin' choked up towards the end.

3. this book isn't trying to state facts or change your faith or make your faith or non faith grow or decrease or anything like's just a fictional work that Moore put together about the "missing years" of Jesus' life. Nothing more no less. It was a page turner and i really took my time with it, (which is why it took me so long to finish reading)
I fully intend to read alot more of his books as they sound very interesting and i'm sure are just as funny and smart.

I highly suggest reading this book! :)
Tags: fiction, historical fiction

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