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9. Bang Band SiXXX by Jon Crosby and Melissa Myer BBS

Summary: In Austin, TX in 2047, the world is a drastically different place. The internet is the place to be. Sex and violence are the only way to live for the entire country. One band, Bang Band SiXXX, has a different dream, a different viewpoint. Their singer, Davey Jones, is all about the music, not the sex and violence. He wants to make it big and help out his sick girlfriend. But an old acquaintance rears her ugly, snuff filled head and poisons the band. Davey hopes to get out of the scene and away from Gigi Spinner, snuff queen, but the world comes crashing down on him and it's no longer about the music, it's about surviving.

Review: I really enjoyed this book. There are a lot of X rated things going on in the book, but none of that makes me uncomfortable anymore. It felt like this could be what our future could become and that in itself was a scary thing. A world only on the internet, filled with violence, 100+ degree weather everyday and a whole lot of sex just seems wrong. The book did make me step back and go "Hm, that's possible and frightening." These were just ordinary people and decency went out the window. Also, the story left me feeling sad and kind of hollow once it was over. I had enjoyed the book and had wished for at least one happy ending but it definitely takes you on this crazy rollarcoaster of a ride. Oh, and it also helped that the author was from a band called V.A.S.T and he made a CD of 6 songs that this fictional band could have written if they were real.

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