Gwyn Raven (gwynraven) wrote in 50bookchallenge,
Gwyn Raven

Book #27 -- Laurie Faria Solarz, Project 17, 248 pages.

A group of high school students decide to spend the night filming a movie in an old abandoned mental hospital and get more than they bargained for. Very creepy - like the novel version of Blair Witch Project.

Book #28 -- Holly Black, Valiant, 314 pages.

A wonderful YA fantasy novel from Holly Black, who I love. It's got a little bit of everything - urban fantasy, adventure, mystery, and romance. I literally couldn't put it down - read the whole thing in one sitting.

Progress toward goals: 135/365 = 37.0%

Books: 28/100 = 28.0%

Pages: 7223/30000 = 24.1%

2010 Book List

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Tags: fantasy, fiction, horror, supernatural, urban fantasy, young adult

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