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Books 32-33 (House of Night series)

Here's my list for 1-31.

32. Tempted (House of Night, Book 6) - Cast, P. C., Cast, Kristin
33. Burned (House of Night, Book 7) - Cast, P. C., Cast, Kristin

These books are like brain candy. Annoying, frustrating, yet often satisfying brain candy. I understand wanting to make the books contemporary and to show love for other writers, but the name dropping in these books are as bad as the vocabulary lessons and all the preaching about how girls shouldn't put up with guys who are possessive or tell them what to do. In theory, it's all good, but in practice, it's terrible. Who edited these books? That person should be either given more power to make necessary changes or fired if s/he actually approved of some of this stuff. (Oh, maybe it's the same person who edits Laurell K. Hamilton's and Stephenie Meyers's books???) The plot itself is still interesting, and the writing style for the most part is really good, except when the problems above are tacked on. I still have a big problem with how it presents romantic/sexual relationships, but the friendships are pretty good. The next book doesn't come out until January, so I might just move on. We'll see.

Next up is the new Sookie Stackhouse book then the new Morganville Vampires book. Oh, and the new Vampire Academy book comes out tomorrow, so I suppose I'll add that one, too.
Tags: paranormal, teen lit, urban fantasy, vampires, young adult

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