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Tony Hawks – A piano in the Pyrenees


Tony Hawks – A piano in the Pyrenees

His first three books were about silly bets. The bets resulted in great books, fun to read. Yet every book was less fun than the previous one. Inevitable the bet-books had to end. The series would have become too predictable, not enough surprise and suspense.

This book is his most personal book up until now. For the first time Hawks comes up with a serious story. Obviously he does this in a funny way, so it never becomes heavy, but reading this book one gets to know the author better than after reading his first three books.

Again, the beginning borders on the absurd. Skiing in the Pyrenees for a couple of days, his mate is injured on the first day, so touring the area seems the only solution. And before Hawks realises what he is doing, he has bought himself a house in a tiny village.

What follows is obligatory reading for everyone who likes to move abroad. Thousands if I have to believe television these days, where many of them move to a foreign country, followed by a camera team. From an office clerk they have suddenly transformed themselves into a builder, planning to run a bed and breakfast as soon as they’re done building.

Hawks does none of that, he just likes the idea of playing his piano with a mountain view in the background. But he also has his share of red tape, miscalculations and lost dreams. He tries to blend in with the locals, build a swimming pool in his back yard and starts making friends in France.

Great story; not as hilarious as his debut, but therefore gaining in depth. At times Hawks has to review his own life, considering what life is about.

Quote: “ ‘Jeez, I might be dead tomorrow.’ It had been a phrase I’d often heard uttered during my travels in Ireland some years before. It was true that very often the provider of these words was about to order a twelfth successive alcoholic beverage, and that the consumption of this next drink might indeed make ‘being dead tomorrow’ a distinct possibility.” (p.249)

Number: 10-009
Title: A piano in the Pyrenees
Author: Tony Hawks
Language: English (UK)
Year: 2006
# Pages: 307 (1801)
Category: Travel
ISBN: 978-0-091902-674

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