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Another Vampire Book Review

14. Charlaine Harris, From Dead to Worse, 303 pages, Supernatural/Romance/Mystery, Paperback, 2008.

The Louisiana supernatural communities are still reeling from their recent losses in power, numbers, and wealth after Katrina, and the Vampires are hurting even worse after the bombing of their summit in the last book. Unfortunately, such weakness is exploitable, both by those displaced looking for a new home and by other kingdoms looking to increase their holdings. And in the middle, as usual, is our local telepath and barmaid, Sookie Stackhouse, who is worried about her missing boyfriend on top of all the changes around her.

15. Charlaine Harris, Dead and Gone, 289 pages, Supernatural/Romance/Mystery, Paperback, 2009.

The Shapeshifter community decides it is time for their coming out, since Vampires were starting to gain actual personal rights. And as could be predicted, the results are a bit mixed. But as one shifter is murdered, Sookie’s attention is split between that tragedy, Eric’s manipulations to keep her safe from the new Vampire order taking over, and the Fairies who wish to fight their war in both their world and ours – with Sookie the primary target. So much happens in this book that I am sorely tempted to buy the most recent addition to the series currently out in hardback.
Tags: mystery, romance, supernatural

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