kid_gallery (kid_gallery) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

3rd i believe, but i'm not counting ;)

Last Bite: A Novel of Culinary Romance by Nancy Verde Barr

Another pick from the bf. I quite enjoyed it. Not my favorite read but it was ok. There were a few good solid parts but then it's like Nancy tries to take the reader into an espionage thing. Which did not work, in my opinion, because the entire rest of the book is cooking galore. The restaurant parts and all the talk of food and the people making the food and anything relating to food..were good because you could clearly tell Nancy has a passion for food (she was a former executive chef to Julia Child)  I just really wish that it would have stayed in that field instead of trying to get all...Tom Clancy on me.
Maybe others felt differently but I was very surprised (and not in a good way) about  that mish-mash.

To any foodies out there, you might just pick it up for the italian recipes at the end!

but don't skip ahead, at least give it a read, and maybe you'll think differently than I did about this book
Tags: fiction, food

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