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Book 18: Fablehaven Book Five: Keys to the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull

Here is book eighteen from my Book List 2010. The link leads to a more detailed review in my journal.

18. Title: Fablehaven Book Five: Keys to the Demon Prison
Author: Brandon Mull © 2010
Pages: 588
Thoughts: Link
Review in five words or less: Mesmerizing ending to fantastic series.
Personal Rating: ««««½ out of five.

This is the final book in Brandon Mull's dynamic Fablehaven series. After centuries of planning, Sphinx has gathered just about everything he needs to open Zzyxx, the legendary demon prison. Though his intentions may be noble, most worry that this will unleash a storm of evil into the world as demons vie for control.

Kendra, Seth, and other Knights of the Dawn are racing to find the last artifact that will enable Sphinx to fulfill his dream. It takes them all around the world, to different periods in time, and to other preserves, but Sphinx and his Society of the Evening Star are cunning. They thwart plans at every turn. With time running out, Kendra and Seth face their toughest challenge to date.

I've been waiting to read Keys to the Demon Prison since finishing the previous book last year which ended with quite the cliffhanger. I'm really happy to say that Keys to the Demon Prison was every bit as intriguing as the previous books in the series, culminating with one amazing, but utterly predictable conclusion.

Mull does a fantastic job detailing the world he created. The rich text is very descriptive with evocative imagery and thrilling adventures for the main characters. There were a lot of unexpected twists and turns, but I think Mull revealed too much of what would happen at the end in the preceding chapters. This unfortunately nullified many of the experiences of one of my favorite characters in this series.

I was very disappointed that Kendra wasn't given much to do in this book. Although her part was significant, the focus was squarely on Seth. I thought he was every bit as annoying as he was in the previous books. That doesn't mean that I didn't like his adventures though. Mull was exceptionally creative with Seth's demon encounters and puzzles, and I greatly enjoyed his role, but not the character himself.

If you like YA fantasy, I highly recommend this book and this series. This is something I plan to read again in the future but this time I'll read all of them one right after the other. It's a little hard to catch up when there is a lot of time that passes between book releases.

18 / 50 books. 36% done!

6402 / 15,000 pages. 43% done!
Tags: fantasy, young adult

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