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3 more books

25. Myers, Tamar "Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth" pb crime, my copy, 248 pages (6,920pgs)

A Pennsylvania-Dutch mystery with recipes. Yes, after every few chapters there is a recipe (chapter 10 is for Buckwheat Pancakes). This is the second Penn-Dutch mystery I've read, and once more I wouldn't make most of the recipes. In fact, I wouldn't even try the ones I like because they're in a novel, not a recipe book and I forget their existence once I've put the book away.

Magdalena Yoder runs an Amish B&B, where guests can experience the Amish life-style. This time her guests include vegetarians/vegans who won't eat the hearty Amish meat contaminated fare. They also happen to be animal rights activists who are there to protest one of the other guest's, an arrogant congressman, deer hunting proclivites. First one guest falls down the stairs, then another guest is found dead. Magdalena solves the crimes in her own inimitable style.

There are quite a few books in this series, so given the number of dead bodies that adds up to, I'd be wary about staying there! I also really don't need the recipes cluttering up the pages. Magdalena is like no other character I've read and I'm definitely keeping an eye out for other titles in the series.

26. Cordell, Cleo "Juliet Rising" pb erotica, my copy, 240 pages (7,160 pgs)

I never seem to have much to say about this genre. The picture on the cover in no way resembles any of the characters as she's a modern girl and the setting is an eigtheenth century school for girls, of a somewhat exclusive type. I will say this time the gardener does not end up marrying above his class, but he does leave the school to be Juliet's 'gardener', as he can fulfil certain needs her new submissive husband won't be able to. Just average. (3/6)

27.Weinberg, Robert A Modern Magician pb fantasy, my copy, 232 pages (7,392 pgs)
This was 10 cents in a throw-out pile so I said what the heck and bought it. Best 10c I've spent in ages. It was written in 1993. Merlin needs a modern hero to conquer the latest forces of evil. Just before he gets kidnapped, he selects mathematician Jack Collins, who happens to love fantasy fiction, to be that hero. I really enjoyed this. It has dated, thanks to a 486DX, 33 megahertz, latest thing in computers being the equivalent of St George's lance. (4/6)

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