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Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds. 530 pages

I'd heard great things about this author, so I was perhaps expecting too much from this book. Not that it was bad, but it wasn't as good as I'd expected from the plaudits I'd seen heaped on the author.

The story is hard to comment on without giving away great swathes of plot, but is basically a combination of a "noir" detective story and space opera. The plot is interesting, often seeming as if it's totally predictable and then swerving off violently into left field.

There are a few problems with the writing though, the biggest of which is that whenever a new character is brought into a place that the reader has already seen through someone else's eyes, the author still insists on describing it again as though it's totally new to the reader as well as the character. This becomes rather wearing after a while.

I also found the ending somewhat unsatisfactory - I felt some elements were left insufficiently resolved, and one thing that was resolved I felt was done badly and possibly out of character for the person who did it.

I may give this writer another try, but on the whole, I'm glad I only paid 60p for this book from a charity shop.

Tags: sci-fi

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