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Books #16 and #17 for 2010

16. Peter Straub, Magic Terror: 7 Tales, 335 pages, Horror, Hardback, 2000.

These seven stories are all very disturbing, definitely horrific if you think about them for any length of time, and say just enough so that what you put together is even more terrible than what is actually written.

17. Charlaine Harris, Dead in the Family, 311 pages, Vampires, Hardback, 2010.

Sookie Stackhouse is still recovering from being tortured during the Fae War of the last novel. But she’s feeling well enough to let the local Weres use her land for their monthly hunt, which leads to all sorts of trouble as rumors of fairies walking the woods frighten her, as well as someone trying to frame her with a body buried back there. To make matters worse, Eric’s maker shows up. This novel is not as action-packed as the previous books, as if the novel needed as much rehab as Sookie did after her injuries. Even so, it was enjoyable for the sheer fact that the characters feel almost like friends after 10 books together; I like reading about their lives just as I enjoy reading friends on LiveJournal.
Tags: horror, vampires

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