blisspath (blisspath) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Blockade Billy by Stephen King #17/50

This is a public service annoucement:

Don't waste your money on Stephen King's newly released book Blockade Billy.

I thought it was a slam dunk for me King plus baseball equals winner. Sadly this was not the case. I kept waiting for the story to take off, to add some sort of supernatural element, but it just limped along like the aging coach that told the story of a 1957 baseball player named Billy Blakely. Blakely was the last minute option when the big league Titans lost two catchers in one week.

As bad and disappointing of an ending that this story has, the second is even worse.  "Morality" tells the story of a young couple facing money problems. They long to get out of Jersey and move north to Conn. An unfinished yet promising book by the husband gives the couple hope of a bright future. Unfortunately with both working, he has little time for writing. Their problem is instantly solved when a former pastor, whom the woman has been helping recover from a stroke, offers 200k if the couple will help him satisfy a dark wish.

The story started with potential and then just got weird and frankly unbelievable.

If King's name didn't appear on the cover, I would have sworn these stories were written by a C level high school creative writing student.

King you owe me 6.99 and 47 minutes of my life back.

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