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Books 11 - 20.

11. The Koran (transl. NJ Dawood)
Worth of reading, though repetitive (probably on purpose). A lot.

12. St John Of The Cross - The Dark Night Of The Soul (Finnish translation)
Needs concentration from reader, but good experience.

13. A. Rice - Interview With The Vampire
Finally getting round to reading the last two books I haven't read yet. I read the books not in order, but it doesn't make me confused. Funny and sad to see Daniel so eager and naive even after the story (knowing the mess he'll be later).

14. The Pillow Book Of Sei Shonagon
Gossip from Heian era court. Very easy to imagine the view, and delicious. :)

15. A. Rice - The Vampire Armand
See above. I prefer this over "Marius", and it has good movie-like scenes all over. A good way to end my reading. :)

16. Finley - The Rosary Handbook
What it says; the basics.

17. St Catherine Of Siena - The Dialogue
Great symbols; saw the church she's kept in now this spring when I was in Rome.

18. Time Out 1000 Books To Change Your Life
19. Time Out 1000 Films To Change Your Life
To see what I've missed. I could easily see how they had to fit things so that the sum would be 1000 though there'd for sure been more to mention from all who wrote *lol* Well-picked by-theme categories. Got more out of the books one, but both are still pretty equally good.

20. Woolf - A Room Of One's Own (Finnish translation)
Slim but packing a lot, and a lot of the frustration can be still found in some ways for us now; some predictions read funny but interesting now, too.

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