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42-44 and the beginning of a new 50 book challenge

I have now come to the end of my 50 books in a year challenge and will be starting over on the 1st July! To see an overview of all the books I have read in a year, go here.

42. The O'Sullivan Twins by Enid Blyton

WARNING: SPOILERS In case any of you want to re-read them too!
I don't remember reading this one (as a young child) at all but I found that I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous (The Twins at St. Clares) because they all seemed to turn nasty! It was like bully-fest at St Clare's. It's funny how the 1950s seem really different to nowadays - we seem to take bullying a bit more seriously. Of course, there's no real physical violence (it is a children's story after all) but I did find myself getting angry at some of the characters. In particular, a girl called Erica did some mean things, but instead of talking to her and explaining that was she did was wrong (and she was genuinely feeling sorry), giving her a second chance (lessons about forgiveness etc), the students excluded her completely ("I'd like to pull her hair out!") and the teachers suggested she go home and start afresh in a new school, instead of telling the girls to treat each other with respect. So, now she has left St. Clare's. Seriously, what is up with that? I suppose it just shows the differences between the 1950s and 2010, but I guess I just prefer boarding school stories where the girls ride horses and have midnight feasts, instead of bitch about each other constantly (as I had enough of that in secondary/high school!).

I didn't expect children's stories to make me feel so angry xD

My Rating: 3.5/5
Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

43. Summer Term at St Clare's by Enid Blyton

The last term of the first form at St Clare's... a few odd things happen in this book. One of the girls gets kidnapped by a gypsy (Blyton's words, not mine) and they considered not letting the police know so the school wouldn't get any attention by the media.

It's interesting how there's more focus on being intelligent, sporty, plain-looking whereas nowadays you would not get insulted at school by other pupils for not bothering to do your work or making sure your hair looked nice - those sorts of people would be the popular ones in school, as oppose to the intelligent people. I wonder if that was true?

It's still a cute series though even though it's obviously outdated. I have a feeling I haven't read as many as I thought I did; I figured I'd read the whole St Clare's series, but I think that must've been the Malory Towers series instead (which I also bought!).

As with the previous book, another girl is being kicked out for doing something nasty (-ish) (see quotation above) instead of explaning the importance of, you know, getting on with life. She gets kicked out for not being well liked as opposed to cheating on her French test.

"I am not going to keep you at St. Clare's after this term, of course. You will never be liked by any of the girls now".

My Rating: 3.5/5
Amazon Rating: 5/5

44. Second Form at St Clare's by Enid Blyton

This is the fourth book of the St Clare's series and it is much like the others: midnight feasts, lessons, concerts, mean girls, sports (lacrosse and tennis)... so there's not much to say really!

"I wish Alison worked as hard in my classes as she does in yours," remarked Mam'zelle, in her rather harsh, loud voice. "Ah, her Frence exercises! But I think, Miss Quentin, she really does work in Drama."
"Oh, well she simply adores me," said Miss Quentin, easily. "I can always make her type work. She'll do anything for a smile or a kind word from me - like a dear little pet-dog"."

44 / 50 books since ~June 2009. 88% completed!

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