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June Reads

52.  The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy  This is a good saga of a mother daughter who are seperated when the mother, Helen McMahan runs off to be with her first love in London.  While she is starting her new life with Louis her first and only love everyone thinks that she has drowned in the lake.  Her daughter, Kit had burned the letter before reading it and before anyone else can read it, because she wants her mother to be buried in the churchyard and she would be unable to do so if she had committed suicide.  Helen only married the local pharmacist in Lough Glass in order to escape the memory of her first love who had left her.  Helen does start up a correspondence with her daughter, Kit using her new identity that she is using in London.  This is a good book about how several lives are affected by one event and one action of a young girl.
53.  Fragile by Chris Katsaropoulos  This is an interesting book with an interesting plot showing three different characters.  Amelia is an old maid who has kept herself pure  for her first love Tris who had left her fifty years ago.  While preparing for her fifty year high school reunion she has single mom Holly fix her hair up who is a single mom who has to always be in a relationship with a man no matter how good they are to her and her kids.  Tris is trapped in a loveless marriage, marrying his college sweetheart in order to avoid making the same mistake with his wife that he had made with Amelia.  This book changes point of view with no advance notice and there are places where it is hard to determine the change in the point of view.
54.  Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber
55.  Beguiled by Deanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand  This book is set in Charleston, SC and is about a dogwalker who walks in during a robbery of the home that she is petsitting for.  She meets Logan, a reporter who is terrified of dogs and who is writing a book about a series of breakins called the Robin Hood burglaries.  He enlists the help of Raylee, the dogwalker since most of the victims are clients of hers.  Logan gets to know her personally and even discovers about her hidden past some things even Raylee doesn't even remember.
56.  Bright Lights Big Ass by Jen Lancaster  The author is writing about her life in Chicago though she has downsized her lifestyle since the beginning of her first book.  Having both her and her husband lose their jobs at the same time was a humbling experience for her and even caused her to change her spending habits though her attitude stays the same.  She is working at temp jobs before her first book comes out and her husband is working at a new job that she doesn't fully understand.  Both her and her husband are childfree and there are a few places in the book where she points it out.  She sees her dogs and her cats as her babies which is sweet.
57.  Just Like Ice Cream by Lissa Halls Johnson  This book is about a young pregnant teen's struggle with her pregnancy and the choices that are available to her.  She has a hard time deciding which option would be best for her unborn child.  You also see the fantasy world that she has set up for herself with the baby's father.
58.  A New Song by Jan Karon  In this sixth book in the Mitford series, we see Father Tim and his wife Cynthia travel to Whitecap to become the interim minister at the parish there.  You meet a new cast of characters that are as interesting and as colorful as the characters in Mitford who do make an occasional appearance in this book.  This book talks more about faith and believing in God than the other books do.
59.  The Cat Who Turned On and Off by Lilian Jackson Braun  This is the third book in the Cat Who series where Koko and his owner Qwill work together to solve the mystery of the murder of a local antiques dealer.  When Qwill goes into Junktown in order to write a story for the Daily Fluxion he discovers that it isn't the slum that he had imagined it would be but that it was a popular location for antique dealers that has a variety of colorful characters as residents.  This is a good mystery book with the suprise at the end on the culprit's identity.
60.  Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery  This final book of the Anne of Green Gables series shows Anne's and Gilbert's children during World War I.  Three of her children go off to Europe to fight in the war in the Canadian army while two of her daughters are working for the Red Cross in Kingsport.  Rilla the youngest of the Blythe children stays at home during the war but organizes a Junior Red Cross in Glen St. Mary.  This book focuses mostly on Rilla's point of view who has a sweetheart and three brothers fighting the war.  There are some sweet points in the book such as Jem's dog waiting for him to come back from the war at the train station during the entire war and there are some moments that are sad as well.

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