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June 2010 Reading

June reading:

39. The Midnight Hunt, by L.L. Raand (272 pages)
Lesbian urban fantasy, concentrated on werewolves and a little on vampires. It's okay, but is essentially a smut-fest with little character or plot development. If it really needed to concentrate so much on sex and mating and male-like genitalia, it really should've been 200 pages longer to actually have a STORY. The POV shifts are jarring, as well. It shifts from one point of view to another randomly. Also, even though I'm a lesbian myself, the "almost everyone is lesbian" thing irritated me.

40. The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, by Mario Acevedo (354 pages)
The first of another urban fantasy series, but with a decidedly different style than what I've previously read. I actually really liked it.

41. X-Rated Blood Suckers, by Mario Acevedo (370 pages)
Continuation. I really like the Chicano twist to the typical urban fantasy. The main character is likeable, too. Definitely recommend this series.

42. The Undead Kama Sutra, by Mario Acevedo (368 pages)
Another continuation. I like where the plot goes. Looking forward to the next book.

43. Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys (190 pages)
Had to read this one. Part of a book list I need to finish. It was supposedly inspired by Jane Eyre, which I haven't read. It was rather well-written, about the descent of a woman into madness.

44. Dubliners, by James Joyce (176 pages)
Great read, but one that takes FOREVER. The stories are subtle and beautiful, though, so it was worth it.

45. Lolita, by Vladmir Nabokov (317 pages)
I don't think I've ever been quite so disturbed by a book as Lolita. Beautifully written, but it was disturbing to feel as though you were supposed to root for the pedophile.

46. Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories, by Ryunosuke Akutagawa (268 pages)
He's regarded as the father of the Japanese short story. This particular book contains short stories and also the autobiographical pieces that were published after his suicide, which he apparently wrote knowing he intended to kill himself. Very interesting style, and an enjoyable read--though it would be easier with footnotes instead of endnotes!

June book pages: 2,315

Total book pages: 14,961

Progress: 46/50

Next on my list: Mrs Dalloway, House of Mirth, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Going to Meet the Man, etc.

Comic books/Manga:


Total comic book/manga pages: 7,919

Next on my list: several Doctor Who comics, Dragon Knights, Hunter x Hunter, issues of Shonen Jump

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