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As I type this out, I'm watching Interview With A Vampire. It makes me wonder if any of you have read these books, and your opinion of them?

16. Inkspell- Cornelia Funke. As a lover of childrens fantasy, I can't help but love a story based on characters who can jump into books. This is the sequel to Inkheart. And I can't wait for the last volume.

17. The Man In The High Castle- Philip K. Dick. I'm still trying to finalise my opinion on this. I wish it hadn't been my first Dick. But very interesting. It's an idea of what the world could have been like, if WWII had ended differently.

18. Tangerine- Edward Bloor. Re-read for me. A dark young adult book. A middle school boy has been bullied by his older brother for years. But a move offers him a new start. He starts to fit in and make friends. But trouble with his brother eventually forces him to chose if he will stand up for his friends and himself, or let his brother keep up his bullying.

19. Catch-22- Joseph Heller. Scattered, but very entertaining. Fictional, humourous accounts of war. My favourite was Milo, who spends his time in service buying and selling everything from produce to cotton, convincing everyone that it's for the good of all.

20. The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger. My boyfriend convinced me to try these. I'm liking these pretty well so far. They will probably be my only King books. But the idea of a man who is like a knight set in an old west type background, throwing in some crazy characters for good measure. Creepy in parts, it's still more adventure than horror.
Tags: adventure, fantasy, young adult

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