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Book 1: Angels and Demons

I know it's late in the year to start this but let's see how far I get. My first book is Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I hadn't read anything by Dan Brown before but I had seen the DaVinci Code movie and was not that impressed. The only reasons why I picked this book up is because my friend suggested it and I had recently visited Rome and Vatican City so I would better be able to picture the location the author described.

The book started incredibly slow, in my opinion, the only reason I kept reading was to get to Rome, finally when Langdon arrived at the Vatican and the adventure FINALLY started did I really get interested. I managed to get the special illustrated edition so the pictures helped too, especially when Robert Langdon, the narrator, would describe pieces of art that non-history majors would not know. 

I immediately suspected Kohler as the bad guy and then later though Rocher was his accomplice, that was of course Dan Brown's goal. He sucked me in to feel sorry for the Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca and through the entire book, until the reveal, of course, believed Camerlengo was good. Finding out he was not actually made me angry/annoyed. I guess that means Dan Brown is at least a decent writer... 

I'm not very good at rating books... but I guess I'd give this a 3.5/5 There are some books that I can read over and over and this would not be one of them.

Not really sure exactly what tags to use. Hope I choose some of the right ones. (and by some... I mean 2)
Tags: fiction, mystery

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