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Title: The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life: How to get more books in your life and more life from your books
Author: Steve Leveen
Year of Publication: 2005
Genre: Non-fiction, literature
Pages: 111
First Line: "Do you wish you had more time to read? This little guide can help you make that wish come true."

Summary:Those who know the joys of reading often feel an attendant frustration: how to find more time to read. And how, among the myriad of titles available, to find the books that speak to you.

In this Little Guide, Steve Leveen draws on his own quest for a well-read life to offer other booklovers some of the most successful and time-tested techniques for enjoying a rewarding life as a reader. What he finds: "Unless a book is good for you, you won't connect with it and gain from it. Just as no one can tell you how to lead your life, no one can tell you what to read for your life. Do not set out to live a well-read life but rather your well-read life.

Source: Back of book

Review: While I thought this book was really interesting and I enjoyed reading it, I felt the advice that was given was something that a lot of people who would even be interested in reading this book would already know. For example, Leveen suggests having a list of books you'd like to read -- I do this. He suggests making notes about the books you have read (reviewing, summarizing, etc.) -- I do this. So in the end, I didn't find it spectacularly helpful. It was interesting anyway, but I'm not sure I gained a whole lot for it. I feel like I'm more interested in joining a book group now, but I'm still not swayed by Leveen's argument for audiobooks (sorry, audio-lovers -- just not my thing). I really liked Leveen's writing style -- it was easy to read without being boring. His sources are very varied and always seem very knowledgeable and interesting by themselves. Aside from having little advice to offer to me, I don't think Leveen ever REALLY answers how to get more books into your life -- he sort of beat around the bush for that one, offering ideas on other things that seem less problematic for many readers, at least, that is, for myself.

It's really short, though. Probably worth a read if only for the interesting comments by the sources and interviews as well as Leveen's writing style and sometimes touching stories of himself and his friends and colleagues.

Worst part: The question he poses never really gets answered, unless the audiobooks count for you -- they don't for me.

Best part: The writing style and the sources. Both were intriguing.

Grade: B

Other Books by This Author: Apparently none, but he does have a blog here.

54 / 50 books. 108% done!
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