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Books 21 - 26

Heat Wave by Richard Castle (Kindle) - I started reading this because I really liked the first season of Castle, and I was waiting for the second season to come out on Netflix. This is the book that Castle (the writer) is writing during the first season. I thought it would be a crappy tie in novel, but because it was such a unique concept, I read it, and was shocked to really like it! Great! It was WAY better than some of the awful crime novels I've read in the past. I also love that Amazon gave Richard Castle his own author page.

The Third Pig Detective Agency by Bob Burke (Kindle) - This book was extremely silly.

The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar - This was a very thought provoking book while I was reading it, until I got to the end, when my only thought was "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?" And then I thought that I might not want to know the answer, because it would be too sad. Very good.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown - This book was RIDICULOUS. I read it when I was sick, I had a fever and allergies and I was taking benadryl every four hours. And I could still follow the plot because it was so obvious and simple. Also - take it from someone currently living in the Baltimore/DC region - you do not get ANYWHERE in 10 minutes or less. Even if you are a supervillian.

Life Sentences by Laura Lippman - Very good. I really disliked the main character personally, though. But the book was still very good.

Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson - When I was a little kid, my aunt, who is from Sweden, brought back watercolors of the forest, from one of her visits. All of my girl cousins poicked ones that had deer, or rabbits, or flowers, and I picked the one that had a moose in it, deep in the woods, way in the back in the shadows. This hung next to my bed for years, and I had completely forgotten about it, until I read this book.

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