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Books 76-77

Vampire Knight #7 by Matsuri Hino

My library finally got these since I refuse to pay more something this poorly plotted and it doesn’t get much better here. There are so many characters that look so much alike and none have distinctive enough personalities for you to pick out who’s who.

We’re back to school. Half of #6’s heavy plot points brushed aside and left under explored as a) Zero begins his descent to the animal-level of his condition but is saved from the madness and death by Kaname (about the only interesting thing in this volume) b)Yuki wants Kaname to tell her what happened that night in the snow, thinking he is responsible for her memory loss but lacks the will/strength to ask him, big surprise c) Zero’s twin Ichiru shows up with a cruel tongue for both Zero and Yuki but where he fits into the muddy attempt at Machiavellian plotting, I’m not yet sure.

Yuki then does something that sinks her even lower in my estimation. She makes Zero go with her to talk to Kaname. She knows how he feels about her and yet feels too weak to go talk to Kaname alone and makes Zero sit there and listen to them talk about their love. This is the cruelest thing anyone’s done in this series to date. I don’t get why Zero cares for her or Kaname for that matter but eh, it’s shojo and I guess someone has to. My plan is to read through the next two volumes that the library has since I have them here then just forget about this series.

Otodama#1 by Youka Nitta

I picked this one up because a) pretty men on the cover b) I’m pretty sure this is the mangaka my friend mjules loved. I know Nitta does yaoi manga and the ads in the back are both yaoi and shojo. As for this, romance seems to play no real role. It’s a cop manga with a supernatural twist which is why I picked up it.

It centers on two distinct and intersecting groups: the main duo, Kaname Otonashi and Yasuhide “Hide” Nagatsuma and the police force, Superintendents Nagatsuma & Takadashi. Superintendent Nagatsuma is Hide’s brother and a detective of some esteem in the force. Takadashi is the FBI trained psych profiler and they make up the professional side of the investigations in the manga.

Kaname and Hide were both on the force until some mysterious case that the brothers and Kaname botched. Kaname and Hide quit. Hide is a struggling PI because he takes cases to help the helpless (we all know this riff). Kaname is the odd one out. He was the acoustical forensic scientist but his emphasis is because he can hear things most humans can’t. To the point that he spends a lot of time in a sound proof room to keep his sanity. He can even hear the voices of the dead and is very affected by haunted places.

The manga opens with a strange guy photographing a dead woman. She’s the third in a class that’s been killed and Nagatsuma and Takadashi are in charge of the case. Eventually Kaname and Hide are roped in to help. This case folds into the next one with the return of the photographer and the new case becomes two pronged as someone is bombing the city, damaging people’s hearing trying to get the ‘ears of the police’ back, a nickname used for Kaname, naturally. However, Kaname has been kidnapped and Hide and his brother have to solve both cases before Kaname is killed or goes insane.

This is an oddly arranged manga with just two big hunks of story with no chapter breaks. The cases were interesting, the police work almost believable. Even though Hide and Kaname move in together (Hide can’t afford his rent) there really isn’t much of a hint of a romance here (the closest anything gets in this is that Kaname has a rep with the cops as being a pretty boy). The art is lovely, seriously nice stuff and the characters are all distinct. It looks like the next volume will be the case that broke Kaname and Hide (and the preview looks like it might be the death of a woman Hide was close to).
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