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book 80 and one i couldn't finish

Vampire Knight #9 by Matsuri Hino

Actually this is feeling like the end of the storyline. Zero finally goes places he probably can’t come back from as a character. Kaname leads a war against the senate who seem to want to kill all the humans and not honor the pact that has been made to keep the peace but I’m not entirely sure. You can see some of the plot threads leading up to this big showdown in older volumes but the story line is so muddy you still end up sitting here going, uh what? At least Yuki finally mans up and does something instead of sit there and cry and wait for Kaname or Zero to save her. Still this thing never rises about 2 star material.

The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree by Susan Wittig Albert

Usually I like Albert’s cozies but this one just didn’t do it for me. I hate giving up on books and I did this one. It’s not in my book count for the year. This was just so incredibly slow. I think some of it was intentional, to give it that slow southern feel. The basic plot, it’s 1930, the Dahlias, a gardening club, just got a house bequeathed to them (much to the consternation of the nephew who was expecting his aunt to give it to him). I figure he’ll end up dead or cause them problems or something but in over 50 pages nothing happened. It was all literally going from Dahlia to Dahlia, each woman getting her own chapter titled by her name and all you really got was their lives. Who does what? Who’s suffering from the depression etc.

In 50 pages Albert breaks the fourth wall to talk to the audience (she does this in all her books) which I hate but I could have handled that if something, anything, had happened or if these women were interesting in any way but they weren’t. Albert spends more time describing houses and gardens and trying to give it a small town feel. She literally spends whole paragraphs telling you who is related to whom and it all feels very extraneous. Maybe it isn’t but if nothing has happened several chapters in but more names and place setting, I have too many more interesting things to read. The second star in the rating is because it’s not badly written. It’s just not for me.
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