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Gwyn Raven

Book #40 -- Richard Kadrey, Sandman Slim, 388 pages.

Think noir, but with magic and demons. Stark has just escaped from eleven years in Hell (literally) and he's looking for some payback against the bastards who put him there. Which is not really as simple as it sounds, since his enemies are major players in a war among various angelic factions - infernal and non - for control of LA. And, theoretically, the rest of the world. But Stark's survived eleven years in Hell, and he's not about to back down for anybody. You gotta love a book whose hero is a cynical, demon-slaying badass with a heart of . . . well, pyrite at least.

Oh, and Kadrey totally gets bonus points for the correct usage of the word "psychopomp." I love that word.

Progress toward goals: 202/365 = 55.3%

Books: 40/100 = 40.0%

Pages: 11043/25000 = 44.2%

2010 Book List

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