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with work, overtime and evening school there was not too much time to read for pleasure this year so no 50 books for me. But now I have few week off from school so I've been reading for fun.

Wildwood - Drusilla Campbell

It was interesting story of 3 friend growing up together and keeping up with the friendship over the years. There where things they share and hide together and they have their own secrets they try to hide from one another. And they had to confront what happen to them when their where kids.

I would grade it 3 out of 5

When we where Romans - Matthew Kneale

Told from a 9 year old boy point of view. Good showcase how different child's mind interpret and see things. It was small book but it took me a while to read, not because it was bad, but because it made me think. It's not one of those book you can fly through, you have to digest it slowly.

I would grade it 3.5 out of 5

reading right now:

Company of liars - Karen Maitland

Medieval England 13-hundred's. 9 strangers end up traveling together trying to outrun pestilence that going through Europe and just entered England. Nobody is what they claim they are, each person guards their secrets well or tries to.
I'm almost half way in and I can't put this book dow.

next to read:

The Magic Mountain - Thomas Mann

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