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Book 45 for 2010

Alexandria by Lindsey Davis. 354 pages

Yay, another Falco book at last!

Marcus Didius Falco, Roman informer, is one of my favourite fictional detectives and it's been far too long since I read one of his adventures.

This time, he and his family are on a visit to the Egyptian city of Alexandria, staying with Falco's uncle Fulvius. Things start calmly enough with a dinner party attended by the Librarian of Alexandria's famed library, but all is not well among the scrolls and it's not long before Falco's detective skills are needed.

Possibly a little heavy on the "Look, I did my research!" front - Davis isn't usually quite so heavy-handed with the info-dumps - but nevertheless a fun mystery with plenty of Falco's trademark sarcasm and appearances from old familiar characters as well as new ones.

Tags: crime fiction

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