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Blood Andromeda Empire; Sizzling Natural Main Stone Will

Empire of Illusion, by Chris Hedges
This book was very well written on a technical/lyrical level but very POORLY written on a logical/rhetorical/observational one. All his arguments were bad. Frustrating like Ayn Rand is frustrating. Bleargh. But I have to admit I kind of enjoyed being irritated at it. His other book, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, is quite good and I urge you all to read that instead.

Northlanders, volume 3: Blood in the Snow, by Brian Wood et al
This was a bunch of shorter arcs patched together and some of them I like better than others. The story about three widows holding off a siege was pretty great.

Andromeda Klein, by Frank Portman
Slow to get unputdownable, but worthwhile. The middle part is the best part. YA packed full of all kinds of things that would not go together in lesser hands.

Sizzling Sixteen, by Janet Evanovich
Fun. Much better than the last Plum book I read.

Colour: A Natural History, by Victoria Finlay
Marvelous rambly travelogue about poking around all over the planet finding out about the history of coloring stuff with various dyes, pigments, etc. Very nifty.

Will Grayson, will grayson, by John Green and David Levithan
I loved this book so much I was giddy over it. Also the ending made me cry and laugh all at once, which almost never happens.

Stone of Tears, by Terry Goodkind
The Main Corpse, by Diane Mott Davidson
Meh. Airplane books.

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