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Book #43 -- Virgil, Virgil's Aeneid (translated by John Dryden), 427 pages.

Another one of the Harvard Classics series I'm working my way through. I surprised myself by *really* liking this. I'd never actually read the Aeneid before, although of course I knew the gist of the story. But usually I'm not too fond of the ancient Greeks and Romans. With this one, however, there were sections where, far from having to force myself to read it, I actually couldn't put it down, wanting to know what happened next. Sadly, I found the last bit the least enjoyable, where the long lists of 'who slew whom' started to bog down the actual plot.

Progress toward goals: 219/365 = 60.0%

Books: 43/100 = 43.0%

Pages: 12266/25000 = 49.1%

2010 Book List

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